Lots to experience on Ameland

Ameland is not only known for its natural beauty, but also for its lively annual events that take place throughout the year. For example, the Rôggefeest in July. This cultural festival celebrates the harvest season with traditional music, dance and crafts. It is an opportunity to discover Ameland's rich agricultural history and enjoy authentic local dishes. Another popular event in July is the Amelands Rondje. This is a running event where participants can run various routes while enjoying the beautiful landscape of the island.

Our tips for 2024

The Horizontoer takes place in August. A unique festival during which a fleet of traditional sailing ships moor in the harbors of Ameland. This event combines music, theater and art on board the ships and on the island. A little later in the year, in November, a special evening walk, the Fjoertoer, takes place. Participants can enjoy beautifully illuminated paths and artistic light installations that highlight the natural beauty of Ameland.

There are also events in December. The Hollumer Strandkrämerfest celebrates the ancient technique of beachcombing. There are demonstrations, exhibitions and activities for the whole family. Nes on Fire is an atmospheric event where the village of Nes is beautifully illuminated and visitors can enjoy fireworks, music and socializing. And of course, New Year's Eve diving is not to be missed. Start the New Year fresh by taking part in the traditional New Year's Eve swim in the North Sea.