Summer, sun, beach & sea

Ameland boasts extensive and beautiful beaches that stretch for 27 kilometers along the North Sea coast. The beaches are well-kept and clean and offer a variety of activities - not only in summer.

Here you can take leisurely walks, sunbathe, build sandcastles, play beach volleyball, fly kites or simply enjoy the view of the sea. Of course, a dip in the refreshing water is a must!

There are also lifeguards on some stretches of beach who provide information about the marine world and the regional flora and fauna - a true paradise for nature lovers.


The North Sea

The North Sea surrounds the north side of Ameland. Its waters are refreshing and clear and offer numerous recreational opportunities such as swimming, surfing and sailing. Although it can be a little chilly at times, many people find the sea pleasant to swim in, especially in the warmer summer months. The North Sea also plays an essential role in the island's ecosystem and contributes to biodiversity.

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Mudflat hikes

Ameland's south side borders the Wadden Sea, a unique tidal area known for its mudflats and rich biodiversity. At low tide, large parts of the Wadden Sea fall dry, making mudflat walks and exploring the special nature possible. Mudflat walks are a popular activity on Ameland, and guided excursions are offered to allow visitors to safely explore the Wadden Sea.

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