Big - with electricity

Tent pitch

Duinoord 092
Duinoord 145
Duinoord 106
  • Perfect for large tents
  • Maximum 6 persons
/ nights night
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Areas Z, Y and B on the south field are particularly suitable for large tents with electricity. Field South extends over flat terrain and dunes and is directly connected to the edge of the forest.

Sections Z and Y are located in the dunes and offer a location close to the beach. Section B, on the other hand, is flat and also close to the coast.

You will also find some suitable campsites in sections W and X.

Good to know

Can I bring my pet to the campsite?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to bring your pet. Pets are not allowed on our premises.

Why should I choose a campsite on Ameland?

Enjoy sun, sea and sand at a campsite on Ameland. Camping Duinoord is located directly on the beach and has a central location on the island. So you can discover all the beauty that Ameland has to offer.

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