Your stay at our campsite

General conditions & campsite regulations

By booking a pitch and your presence on the campsite, you agree to our camping rules:

  1. The Recron conditions apply to all our reservations.
  2. You can use your pitch from 12 noon onwards. On departure the pitch must be vacated before 12.00 hours.
  3. Camping at Camping 'Duinoord' is at your own risk.
  4. A reservation for 1 night is only possible with the management's permission.
  5. Campers must report to reception immediately upon arrival at the site. Non-family campers must present a valid ID at the reception for the duration of their stay on the campsite.
  6. Campers staying on the site without registering and those providing them with accommodation will no longer be allowed on the site. Campers are fully responsible for the behaviour of their guests. Campers staying on the campsite without registering will be charged double the camping fee for the days they stayed.
  7. On payment of a deposit, campers receive a label for their tent or caravan. This label must be attached visibly to the outside of the camping equipment. If the label is returned undamaged, there is no damage and/or nuisance caused by your stay at the campsite and the rented pitch is left clean, the deposit will be refunded to the camper on departure.
  8. Between 23.00 and 08.00, there must be silence on the site. It is absolutely forbidden to play music, use radios or cause noise pollution in any other way.
  9. Campers may be held liable for any damage and/or pollution they cause.
  10. Campers are responsible for keeping the tent and its surroundings clean, even if it is not their waste. Rubbish can be deposited in the designated containers.
  11. Motorised traffic is not allowed on the campsite. To unload and load camping equipment, it is only permitted to drive to the campsite on arrival and departure.
  12. It is forbidden to dig in the campsite, even when it is raining (the so-called gutters).
  13. Campers may not use their tent or caravan as a point of sale for articles or distribution of printed matter of any kind.
  14. Dogs are not allowed on the site.
  15. Campfires may only be lit on the beach. A permit from the local police is required to light a campfire.
  16. The use of a gas barbecue is allowed only if it has a pressure regulator.
  17. The use of carbonated bottles is not allowed.
  18. Placing party tents is not allowed.
  19. Smoking is not permitted in the toilet blocks and laundrette.
  20. Clothes, vegetables and dishes may only be washed in the appropriate containers. This is definitely not allowed in the washing areas!
  21. It is not allowed to fly kites or play football on the site. This is allowed on the designated sports fields.
  22. Drones are not allowed above the grounds of Duinoord.
  23. Anyone not abiding by the camping rules will be irrevocably removed from the grounds. However, campers remain liable for any damage caused and financial obligations to Stichting Kampvreugd for the entire agreed camping period.
  24. Instructions given on behalf of or by the site management must be followed without delay.