Crossing over to Ameland

Would you like to cross to the island of Ameland by car? To use the ferry operated by Wagenborg, it is necessary to book your car in advance. This is easy to do via the website The crossing starts in Holwerd and takes about 45 minutes. After a relaxing boat trip, you will arrive at your campsite at Camping Duinoord, where you can unload your camping equipment.

As Duinoord is a car-free campsite, you have the option of parking your car in one of the campsite's car parks (for a fee) or in a public car park outside the site (free of charge). Please note: If you want to take your car to the island of Ameland by ferry, don't forget to book your crossing in good time.

If you are travelling on foot or by bike, you can also park your car at the harbour in Holwerd. No reservation is required for this. For the ferry crossing, you must book both the bicycle and the car in advance. This can be done via or by telephone on 0900-9238.

Public transport

On Ameland

There are few cars on Ameland, which contributes to the peaceful atmosphere. Many people get around on foot or by bike. You can take your own bike on the ferry or hire one once you are on the island. Ameland has an extensive network of walking and cycling paths that connect the villages, dunes, forests and beaches. This makes walking and cycling popular and enjoyable ways of getting around the island.

There is also a well-developed bus network that connects the various villages and sights. Public transport offers a convenient way to get around if you don't have your own vehicle. Taxis are also available on Ameland.

Bus ameland