Local specialties

Try the local dishes and specialties of Ameland, such as 'Ameland mustard soup', 'Ameland sugar bread' and 'Ameland lamb'. These dishes are often made from fresh, local ingredients and offer a unique taste of the island!

The Restaurant StrAnders serves the famous mustard soup, as well as various fresh fish dishes and other local dishes. The restaurant is located directly on the beach in Buren. Visit the local island markets where you can buy fresh produce and regional products.

Here you often have the opportunity to try local delicacies and other sweet treats. Some markets offer tastings so that you can try local specialties before you decide to buy.


Cozy restaurants

In the center of Nes, the Restaurant Nes Café awaits you. This restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere and a varied menu. Guests appreciate the quality of the food and the friendly atmosphere. Enjoy the hospitality of the staff. Also in the heart of Nes you will find the Restaurant De Klimop. A cozy and intimate atmosphere awaits you here.

In Ballum you can visit the traditional Restaurant Nobel, which is a popular choice for both lunch and dinner. The extensive menu offers a variety of dishes, including fresh fish and meat dishes. The restaurant creates a pleasant atmosphere and is ideal for families, couples and groups.

Strandpaviljoen Sjoerd in Hollum is a popular restaurant on the beach and offers a picturesque view of the North Sea. The beach club is known for its friendly atmosphere and delicious dishes. Another great place to eat in Hollum is De Griffel.