An authentic experience

Ameland has a rich and fascinating art, culture and history that give the island a unique charm and deep meaning. The Sorgdrager cultural history museum in Hollum provides an interesting insight into the history of Ameland and displays exhibits on seafaring, lifesaving and the development of island life over the course of time.

Ballum is home to the "Nobels Nostalgic Museum", housed in a historic commandant's house. Here you will find a wonderful collection of art, furniture and objects that vividly illustrate the life of the islanders over the course of time.

Art galleries & lighthouse

Ameland also has several art galleries where local and national artists exhibit their work. These galleries offer a wide range of artistic expressions, from paintings to sculptures and ceramics. The famous lighthouse of Ameland is an important symbol of the island and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area. The historic structure is still in use, and visitors can climb the tower to enjoy a spectacular view.

Umgebung leuchtturm

Own island music

Did you know that Ameland has its own traditional island music? Often accompanied by the characteristic sound of the accordion (harmonica). This music still plays a role at local festivals and gatherings. One tradition where this music can be heard is the "Rôggefeest". This traditional festival in July celebrates the harvest time of rye, an important crop that used to be grown on the island. The Rôggefeest brings islanders and visitors alike together for a festive and cultural experience!