Discover the many facets of Ameland

Ameland may be a small island, but its natural diversity is impressive! Dunes, fields, forests, vast beaches and the Wadden Sea - Ameland is home to an abundance of unspoiled nature. With over 90 kilometers of cycle paths stretching across the entire island, Ameland is the ideal place to enjoy cycling to the full.

Don't be surprised if the locals greet you in a friendly manner - this is the warm hospitality of the islanders. From the campsite you have direct access to the forest, where you can take wonderful walks. Various marked hiking routes are available at the entrance to the forest.


More than 100 km of cycle paths

Experience the diversity of the island by exploring it by bike. Well-developed cycle paths await you, and cycling between the villages is an excellent way to get around. The fresh sea air blows around your nose. Hire a bike and explore the island along the dunes.

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Walking & hiking

How about a relaxing walk on the beach? Whether on a balmy summer evening or in stronger winds to get some fresh air. There are numerous walking options available on Ameland. You can create your own route through the dunes, forests or villages or ask the local VVV tourist office for a suitable route.

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Hiking route: Dune and beach adventure

This picturesque walking route starts at Strandcamping Duinoord and takes you on an enchanting journey of discovery through the dunes and along the beautiful North Sea beach. Enjoy the sound of the waves, feel the sea breeze on your face and experience the natural beauty of Ameland. Follow the path that leads along the dunes to the beach. Once you reach the beach, turn left and walk along the water.

After about 2 kilometres you will reach the characteristic horse lifeboat house. Here you can take a break, admire the surroundings and maybe even see some of Ameland's famous horses in action. Continue your walk along the beach, where you have the opportunity to collect shells and other marine artefacts. At the turning point of your walk, turn around and follow the same path back to Strandcamping Duinoord.

Back at the campsite, you can relax. Perhaps it's time to dip your toes in the sand, have a picnic or simply enjoy the peace and quiet of the dunes. This walking route offers a wonderful opportunity to experience Ameland's nature, from the dunes to the surf of the sea.


The Wadden Sea

The time difference between low and high tide in the Wadden Sea is very noticeable on Ameland, as the landscape is constantly changing and follows the tides. The Wadden Sea is not only a paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers, but also an important habitat for migratory birds that stop here during their migrations.

The highest natural point on Ameland is the "Oerdblinkert" dune top, which is located in the dune area on the west side of the island. From the Oerdblinkert you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, the dunes, the North Sea and the Wadden Sea.

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