Sanitary and laundry facilities

Scattered throughout the grounds of Camping Duinoord are modern, spacious and well cared for sanitary facilities. We also have a laundromat. There you will find washing machines, a spin dryer and tumble dryers. You can also iron clothes and freeze cooling elements here.


Well-maintained plumbing

As a camper, only 1 thing is very important to you: well-maintained sanitary buildings. You will find them at Camping Duinoord. Scattered over our grounds are several sanitary buildings. These are modern, spacious and regularly cleaned. So you can always shower, wash up and go to the toilet comfortably.

Please note that you will need a chip card for hot water. You can buy one at the reception.

Sanitair Duinoord Wasbakken


Indoor and outdoor sanitairy facilities

Spent a day at the beach? Then it's not surprising to find sand everywhere. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for that! The outdoor showers are located on the outside of the sanitary building. Before returning to your spot, you can easily rinse your feet here or take a shower to wash the sand out of your hair.

Sanitair douche buiten


Our laundromat

In our washrooms, you will get well clean. But rest assured, we also have facilities for your dirty clothes. Our laundromat has washing machines, a spin dryer and tumble dryers waiting for you. So your clothes will not only be clean, but also dry nice and fast. Handy, isn't it?

Moreover, in our laundry you can iron your clothes. Finally, we offer you the possibility of freezing cooling elements. 

Good to know: you need a chip card to use our washing machines, centrifuge and dryers. You can also use this chip card for hot water.

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